Jeremiah the star thief

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This is a shadow box/ Diorama made of wood and glass, The sculpture inside is made of paper clay, and I used vintage fabrics for Jeremiah clothes. The box has two hooks at the back, and it can be hung on the wall. The measure of the box is:
Wide 12" inches, Tall 15" and 2.8" deeper
The Moon face is 8×8" inches, and Jeremiah is 10" inches.

***I do offer Layaway payments ( contact me for more info).***

PLEASE NOTE: Sorry but I don't ship this piece overseas/ international due to the glass door.

Jeremiah The Star Thief
On a cold winter night, while the Moon slept peacefully, Jeremiah walked away from the city, as he did every night, heading towards the forest where the sky was more visible, Jeremiah stole the stars from the sky because he thought they were people's dreams, dreams that had never been realized, dreams trapped in the infinity of the sky. the right thing to do was to bring them back to those we belonged to so that they could be realized.⭐️