SOLD OUT Queen of Heart Alice in Wonderland

$1,800.00 / Sold Out

The Red Queen is made of Paper Clay, head, part of her arms and her legs are sculpted. She has a metal wire armature.
The Card Soldier Puppet is removable and is part of the art piece with The Queen.
The Queen is 13" inches Tall
The Card Soldier is 6" inches Tall


ā€¢ Layaway Agreements:

Please note if you decide to Layaway Art you are in essence taking it off the market and I am unable to sell it. Be sure this is what you want before proceeding. Your Layaway is a commitment to buy, there are No cancellations and there are no Refunds on Deposits.

I kindly request that payments be made on time each month, paying on time is also a matter of respect; if for any reason, you know you will miss a payment, please contact me. In case a second payment is missed, the layaway payment agreement will be invalidated and the accrued balance will not be refunded. The doll will then go back on the market.

The first payment will be a downpayment of $ 500

You Can Pay off the piece in 3 or a max of 6 months